Marine & Riverine

Tonkin has an outstanding reputation for designing long-lasting maritime solutions, especially in for harsh and unpredictable environments.

Our experience in modelling coastal processes, rising sea levels and climate change allows us to successfully interpret the impact these factors have on the design of ports, marinas, breakwaters, seawalls, boat ramps, regulating structures and other coastal and riverine infrastructure.
Tonkin has deep expertise in:

  • Vessel behaviour, vessel handling and the ways in which vessels interact with maritime structures
  • Durability of materials in the marine environment
  • Wave climate assessment and the effect of waves on structures and coastal environments
  • The behaviour of floating and fixed structures
  • Civil and structural design of maritime facilities

As weather patterns become less predictable, Tonkin provides clients with dependable tools and processes to build and maintain robust maritime infrastructure.

Our expertise within the marine & riverine sector