Tonkin has a deep appreciation for the role of the built form in maximising productivity and enhancing wellbeing.

As structural engineers, we play an important role in the efficient design of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With expertise in traditional and advanced structural engineering analysis and material technologies, Tonkin works to minimise costs and risk while maximising the benefits to society that creative built form provides.

Tonkin provides its clients with services in:

  • Structural engineering and analysis
  • Geotechnical and foundation engineering
  • Modifications to existing structures and strengthening
  • Buildability and construction techniques
  • Sustainability in design and construction

At Tonkin we believe buildings can be more than simply places of industry; they can make a positive contribution to the urban environment. Whether designing, refurbishing or rehabilitating new or existing buildings, we bring the same thoughtful approach and skilful design to the table.

Our expertise within the buildings sector